After fighting a case for more than a year, I did not know where to go. I reviewed AVVO and found amazing reviews for him; I am so glad that I did.

I immediately spoke with Mr. Donner, and he provided an actual plan with how we were to proceed. He kept in touch, and I settled my case for about 7 times the amount that my prior lawyer told me that he could settle it for. I am extremely grateful for Mr. Donner and his firm. They are the best!


Brilliant Accident Lawyer – Steve Donner

I hired them to help me with a serious and traumatic accident involving one of my family members, who was seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident. With nowhere to turn, a friend of mine told me to reach out to Donner Applewhite Attorneys at Law, and I’m very glad that I did. I found Mr. Donner to be extremely knowledgeable with not only laws but also the vehicle malfunction and medical issues. He is a confident no-nonsense lawyer, and he got me a substantial sum of money. If you are in any accident, you would be lucky to have their firm represent you! They are exceptional, and I will always be grateful!


Excellent and Amazing Lawyer

I was involved in a bad car accident and did not know where to turn. After our insurance company denied our claim, I knew that I needed legal help. I contacted Mr. Donner after finding him online and hired him that same day. His expertise and passion is greatly admired and I thank him very much for the amazing settlement we reached. I will always look to him for any legal help in the future!



After fighting a claim for many years, I was angry and upset because I learned that the federal government denied my claims for compensation. Once I found this out, I contacted Steve Donner, and I’m glad that I did. After advising me of the outcomes and ways to go forward, I decided to hire him. He did everything that he said he would and my case turned out great! After appealing my case, it was not long before Steve called and told me that we won! I do not know where I would be without him. Steve is very knowledgeable in his field and acts like a lawyer should and is always prepared. Would highly recommend Steve to anyone needing a lawyer.


Trial lawyer who will fight for you!

I became a client of Mr. Donner’s firm to represent me in a consumer class action matter, and I’m extremely happy that I did. While I cannot talk about the case, I can say that Mr. Donner exceeded my expectations. He’s a passionate attorney who tirelessly works for his clients. He is ALWAYS prepared and has an insane work ethic. If you need a lawyer, you must call him.



Mr. Donner has helped me with numerous issues regarding my business, specifically insurance litigation. I thought that hope was lost when my former lawyer decided to drop my case. Not only did Steve respond quickly, but I’m convinced that there is no lawyer out there that could have obtained the result that he did! He is extremely aggressive and will do the most that he can. He is also surprisingly responsive and kept me up-to-date with everything taking place. If you have any legal needs, you must try to get him as your lawyer!


Unbelievable Lawyer!

I engaged Steve to help me with a lawsuit that was filed against me. I could not believe what Steve was able to do! He was able to have the case completely dismissed and then filed a lawsuit against them! We settled the matter earlier this year. Such a fantastic Lawyer!


Great firm/Highly recommend!

Steve Donner of Donner Applewhite Attorneys at Law is a very professional attorney that helped me out during a difficult issue regarding wrongful termination. Mr. Donner fought very hard for me when the only option was civil litigation & took my case on a contingency fee basis. I had very little funds to pay an attorney, Donner Applewhite Attorneys at Law still took my case & did a great job helping me gain closure to a very tough legal battle.

I am a real person & I highly recommend this Firm for a Free consultation to see if they can assist you with any issues you’re going through as well!

Thanks Again Steve for restoring my faith in the JUSTICE SYSTEM!

Best Regards,

R. W.


Great Lawyer & Great Law firm!

Tom Applewhite of Donner Applewhite Attorneys at Law LLC helped me when I needed them most. I contacted this firm regarding Employment & Labor laws. Tom was very informative during my case & always kept me informed and updated with anything related to my case. This firm gave me a FREE consultation & took my case on a contingency basis when money was a little tight for me! They fought hard to get the best possible outcome & I would recommend you reach out to Donner Applewhite Attorneys at Law LLC if you’re in need of Real Lawyers with Real Experience!

Thank you, Tom Applewhite for helping me!