Forceful Intellectual Property Litigation Attorneys

On occasion, a business discovers another party appropriating its intellectual property, or it is accused of doing so itself. The attorneys of Donner Applewhite, Attorneys at Law, work vigorously to protect their clients’ intellectual property. In St. Louis, a business cannot easily succeed without taking steps to protect its copyrights, trademarks and trade secrets. Donner Applewhite‘s transactional work and aggressive litigation make sure that its clients enjoy full use and profit from their IP.

The firm’s attorneys are experienced litigators. They work hard on behalf of their clients and will build the strongest possible case in defense of their intellectual property rights. Donner Applewhite has defended the IP rights for numerous clients and secured fair compensation for their damages.

Intellectual Property Defined

Unlike merchandise, intellectual property is not made up of solid objects. Instead, they are logos, slogans, images and concepts. Nevertheless, businesses and individuals still have property rights over intellectual property that they have created or purchased.

To enforce those rights, it is very important to register trademarks and copyrights. Donner Applewhite helps its clients with the often technical process of meeting trademark requirements and registering a copyright. They also help protect trade secrets such as a proprietary design or formula.

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