About The Firm

Donner Applewhite, Attorneys at Law, is a St. Louis, Missouri, law firm that practices in a wide range of areas. Our attorneys represent clients in personal injury law, consumer law, class action lawsuits, business law and employment law.

Extensive Business Backgrounds

The firm’s attorneys have a unique background. Both Steve Donner and Tom Applewhite were entrepreneurs and small-business owners before becoming lawyers. Their experience in the business world gives them a distinctive viewpoint when it comes to representing businesses. Both their transactional and litigation work are based on practical experience and the desire to help clients successfully conduct business.

Aggressively Standing Up For Clients

Clients appreciate our firm’s hard work on their behalf. Donner Applewhite, Attorneys at Law, avoids a high case volume in order to give each client individualized attention from one of the lawyers. This allows them to provide detailed and thorough representation that will not miss any opportunity to improve the client’s case.

Donner Applewhite, Attorneys at Law, does not stop working until the client is satisfied. They have negotiated many positive settlements for their clients. They are never reluctant to go to court to resolve a dispute and produce exceptional results for their individual, class action member and business clients.

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Free Consultations

Donner Applewhite, Attorneys at Law, offers free initial consultations with no obligation and takes almost all of its cases solely on a contingency fee basis. This means that there is no upfront cost as the attorneys’ fees are paid by the defendants in a verdict or settlement. This reduces the risk to plaintiffs and makes it easier to pursue a rightful claim.

For a free initial consultation with one of Donner Applewhite, Attorneys at Law‘s experienced attorneys, please call 314-656-8544, or visit the Contact page to email the firm and schedule an appointment. The firm represents clients throughout St. Louis County and speaks English and Russian.