Whistleblower Protections

To encourage workers in Missouri to report instances of lawbreaking at their place of employment, the law offers what is known as “whistleblower” protection. The St. Louis law firm of Donner Applewhite, Attorneys at Law, represents whistleblowers who were the victims of illegal retaliation, as well as employers accused of unlawful conduct against whistleblowers.

As skilled employment law attorneys, the lawyers of Donner Applewhite advocate strongly for businesses and employees in whistleblower litigation. They understand whistleblower law from both sides and work hard to deliver results for their clients.

Overview Of Whistleblower Protection Law

A number of federal laws encourage workers to report violations such as violations of environmental regulations or workplace safety rules. The worker must have a good faith belief that the violation is going on and report it to the appropriate agency. Missouri also has a state whistleblower law, but only for government employees.

Whistleblower protection makes it unlawful for an employer to retaliate against a worker because he or she reported illegal conduct. Common forms of retaliation include:

  • Terminating the employee
  • Demoting the employee
  • Denying the employee a deserved raise or promotion
  • Reassigning the employee to less desirable duties

This protection remains in place even if the employer is not found to be doing anything wrong. If the whistleblower can show that he or she was the victim of retaliation, he or she could be entitled to financial compensation and attorneys’ fees.

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