When To Consider Alternatives To Bankruptcy

Much of the time, bankruptcy is not an appropriate solution, especially when the household debts are relatively manageable. Bankruptcy can be a drastic process that costs the debtor valuable assets like his or her home or automobile. Often, bankruptcy forces the debtor into a lengthy repayment plan that affects his or her credit and life for years.

Donner Applewhite, Attorneys at Law, provides debt solutions to residents of St. Louis County, Missouri, and the surrounding areas. Consumer law attorneys Steve Donner and Tom Applewhite guide clients through debt relief methods that are viable alternatives to filing for bankruptcy.

Donner Applewhite offers information and legal guidance through bankruptcy alternatives such as:

  • Debt negotiation. Creditors and debt collectors who will not negotiate with individuals often change their tune when confronted by an experienced lawyer. Donner Applewhite has successfully reduced and renegotiated debts for numerous clients.
  • Credit and debt counseling. The advice of a professional credit counselor helps many people get control of their debt and manage their cash flow. While there are many reputable credit counselors, other organizations are illegitimate scams. Donner Applewhite Attorneys at Law connects clients to real credit and debt counseling services.
  • Challenging alleged debts. Often, debt collectors pursue money from people over a supposed “debt” that does not belong to the individual or has already been paid off. Donner Applewhite is prepared to go over every client’s credit report for false claims and put a stop to debt collection harassment.

Donner Applewhite, Attorneys at Law, provides personalized, dedicated service and works with each client until he or she is released from the shackle of debt.

Talk To A Lawyer About Debt Relief

Donner Applewhite offers free initial consultations with no obligation and takes almost all of its cases solely on a contingency fee basis. This means that there is no upfront cost as the attorneys’ fees are paid by the defendants in a verdict or settlement. This reduces the risk to plaintiffs and makes it easier to pursue a rightful claim.

To schedule a free initial consultation about bankruptcy alternatives, please call Donner Applewhite‘s St. Louis office at 314-656-8544, or email the firm. We speak English and Russian.