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Property owners should be made accountable for personal injury

When a Missourian is injured on someone else's property, they might not immediately consider that the property owner was somehow responsible for the incident. At the time, they will have greater concerns such as dealing with the injury, how much time they will miss at work and how the personal injury will impact their life in the short and long term. However, once the medical bills begin coming in and the extent of the injury is understood in the context of everyday life, they must think about what steps are available to receive compensation for the accident.

Smartphone addiction can cause auto accidents and personal injury

The word "addiction" can have inherently negative connotations regardless of the topic. However, for Missourians and people across the nation, it is an apt way to describe how many people perceive their smartphones. Unable to put it down even if it puts them and others in danger, the problem of distracted driving is getting worse because of it.

Roadside worker suffers personal injury in hit-and-run

Roadwork is common and necessary in St. Louis and throughout Missouri. While many drivers will view it as an inconvenience and a delay as they try to get from one place to another, it is important to maintain road safety. When drivers encounter road work, they are expected to reduce their speed to make sure the workers and other drivers are safe. Unfortunately, some drivers do not take this seriously and accidents happen. This can cause personal injury and death to vulnerable workers. To make these circumstances worse, some drivers flee the scene making it a hit-and-run. People who have been impacted by these accidents should think about the future and consider a legal filing.

Number of pedestrian accidents and personal injury sows concern

Pedestrians in St. Louis and throughout Missouri are in constant danger of being hit by a motor vehicle when they are out. It is not limited to when they cross the street as vehicles can go out of control, head onto the sidewalk and even crash into them when they are in front of their homes. Since pedestrians are unprotected and will bear the full brunt of a crash, there is a major chance of personal injury and death.

Pedestrian suffers serious personal injury after hit-and-run

Drivers and pedestrians in St. Louis and the surrounding areas must share the road and keep a close eye on one another. When people are on the road in any capacity, an accident can happen without warning and there are many reasons why they occur. Regardless of the details of the accident, people can face personal injury and loss of life after an accident. There is significantly higher danger when it is an auto-pedestrian accident. These are made far worse when it is a hit-and-run. Drivers are required by law to stop and check on a person after there has been a pedestrian accident. Knowing what to do after a crash of this type is key to the future.

Pedestrian hit by SUV suffers personal injury and dies

There is no doubt that pedestrians in Saint Louis and throughout Missouri will be safer when they are crossing the street, if they stay in crosswalks and adhere to traffic signals telling them when to go. Unfortunately, that is not a guarantee that people will be shielded from personal injury and death after being hit by a motor vehicle. Getting hit by a car can cause extensive damage and those who have been hurt and the families who have lost a loved one in an auto-pedestrian crash should think about a legal filing for compensation.

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