Speeding kills even though everyone does it

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2020 | Injuries

All too often, speeding is a factor in Missouri car accidents. Drivers ignore the danger and go above the posted speed limit. Not only does this endanger their own lives, but it also comprises the safety of other drivers on the road.

Why do drivers speed?

Without justifying speeding, there are many reasons why drivers do it. You might be in a hurry and think that you can save a minute or two by going faster. Sometimes, you may just get impatient or even bored behind the wheel. For whatever reason, it seems like almost every driver on the road is driving too fast. This is borne out by the numbers that show that approximately two-thirds of U.S. drivers routinely speed when behind the wheel.

Speeding is dangerous

Speeding makes it more likely that you will have a crash and also makes any crash that you might have worse. You are not able to react as quickly to dangers on the road when you are going fast. Moreover, when you crash, the impact is much harder than it otherwise would have been. Your airbags will not work as well when there is more force to the crash. Unfortunately, whether they are hurt in a crash or suffer criminal consequences, many drivers eventually realize that it is just not worth it to speed.

Speeding is a sign of negligence in a car accident. In other words, if one of the drivers was going above the posted speed limit, they might be presumed to be at fault for the crash that injured you. This is when you need to hire a personal injury lawyer. Your attorney may help you file your claim for compensation and then negotiate with the insurance company until you receive full compensation for your injuries.