House Democrats call on Amazon to review dangerous products

Many consumers in Missouri rely on the Amazon marketplace to find a wide range of products. The e-commerce website is also known for its customer reviews that help buyers decide which products they purchase. However, Amazon may not be doing enough to address dangerous products as the U.S. Congressional House Democrats recently called on the giant online retailer to do some recalls in a news report.

Continued availability of dangerous products

Citing a recent media report, House Democrats have called upon Amazon to investigate its own Amazon Basics line due to over 1,500 customer reviews that were critical of more than 70 items since 2016. The cited problems included products catching on fire, smoking, exploding, melting and experiencing electrical malfunctions.

The House report noted that Amazon’s oversight quality control process was “grossly inadequate” and called on the retailer to reveal its process in evaluating its own product line. Amazon was also accused of deleting unfavorable reviews for its own products, making it difficult to trace dangerous problems. For its part, Amazon spokespeople have claimed that its private line products are safe and that the company constantly reviews its evaluation process.

Malfunctioning products at heart of product liability issues

Although not every malfunctioning product ends up as part of a product liability lawsuit, many do. Companies that show a clear ignorance of problems with their products put their customers at risk and can open themselves up to legal action. Consumers who have experienced injury due to the use of a dangerous product may have a case for compensation against the manufacturer. If you believe you have been injured by a product due to the manufacturer’s negligence, speaking with a legal professional can help determine if your claim is valid.