Car accident injuries: the most common kinds

A car accident can cause you to injure almost any part of your body. Perhaps you yourself are unclear as to the extent of the injuries you suffered in a collision in Missouri. The following are just a few of the most common injuries that can arise.

Injuries to the head and spine

One’s head is bound to strike something in the car at the moment of collision. It could be the steering wheel, windshield, side window or roof. Whatever the cause, the trauma can lead to a concussion. Symptoms include headaches, dizziness, nausea and neck pain, and they may not appear until days or weeks after the crash.

The spinal discs may be herniated as the car rapidly changes its position underneath the occupant. Less severe injuries to the back and spine include soft tissue injuries.

Neck, collarbone and rib injuries

Often arising in rear-end collisions, whiplash is a condition where the neck, by rapidly snapping back and forth, strains or tears its own muscles and ligaments. It may necessitate surgery if the motion dislocated one of the neck vertebrae.

A person in a car accident can crack a collarbone or rib because of the shoulder safety belt. The lap belt poses a threat, too, as it’s often linked to injuries to the heart, liver, lungs and other internal organs. Without seat belts, though, victims can break a leg or knee.

Lawyer for personal injury victims

If the personal injury case you pursue is successful, you might receive compensation for all monetary and non-monetary losses, including medical bills, vehicle repair costs, lost income and pain and suffering. To help you achieve a fair settlement, a personal injury lawyer may evaluate your case and bring in third parties like crash investigators and medical experts to build up evidence. The lawyer may also negotiate on your behalf.