Greater volume of cyclists means a greater need for safety

Over the summer, with thousands of people, for the most part, kept to the confines of their home, boredom was rife in St. Louis. And once restrictions began to lift, that boredom began to manifest in a number of ways. Built-up cabin fever led to one item selling like hotcakes: bikes. According to a report by Josh Phelps from St. Louis Public Radio, bike sales more than doubled, going from an average of 60 per week to 140.

While everything from practical caution to paranoia kept patrons out of stores, the ability to go outside was considerably less enforced with the commonplace ‘six-foot rule’ dictating actions. And as a result, it has brought cyclists to the streets and to the trails. And with such a higher volume of our two tired contraptions, it is important to keep safety in mind.

Bicycle safety tips beyond wearing a helmet

  1. Be careful with earbuds: Some people enjoy a soundtrack with their morning/afternoon/evening ride. But the louder the music is, the less the chance you’ll be able to hear someone yell “on your left!”
  2. Prepare children for what to expect: Maybe you’re content for the comforts of indoors but your kids are eager to get outside, especially with fall in full swing. Their eagerness might put a smile on your face, but it can put a bruise on their knee.
  3. Have technology set up: An application called Bike Computer allows users to track their progress and other fun adjustments. In addition, if one gets in an accident it will inform their emergency contacts that a collision has taken place. There are plenty more apps like it, so feel free to search your respective smartphone app store.
  4. Scout out locations before you visit: Whether it’s by looking on google maps or by googling “best places” to bike, there’s a better chance you’ll get an idea of what places and locations will be more accommodating. Some places may allow bikes, while others feature actual bike trails.
  5. Know who to contact: In case an accident does happen, medical treatment is obviously the next pertinent step. And while some injury recovery takes less time than others, knowing a reliable local personal injury attorney can help tremendously should they be needed.

While bike safety is an often touted and emphasized issue, it is even more so with the greater volume of cyclists out and about. Being prepared for a comfortable, relaxing ride can mean taking steps and preparations to make sure you’re ready in case something uncomfortable happens.