Critical factors in premises liability claims

Property-based injuries can be serious and have long-term consequences. Often when a victim slips and falls on the property of another person, they are left with pain and trauma that can impact them long into the future. In St. Louis and throughout Missouri, victims of property-based injuries can often pursue their losses through premises liability lawsuits.

Premises liability law is based on the idea that property owners should keep their properties in reasonably safe condition so that the individuals they allow to enter upon it are safe. When property owners are negligent in this duty, they may face liability for their shortcomings. Although this post does not provide legal advice, in it readers may learn more about some of the factors that can impact the success of premises liability lawsuits.

Permission and premises liability victims

Victims of premises liability accidents can be children or adults. They can be party attendees or repairmen permitted entry to fix property conditions. Almost anyone injured on a property may have options to seek their damages from the property owner, though trespassers who lack authority for entry may be denied their claims.

Therefore, one important factor in a premises liability claims is what level of permission, if any, a victim had to be on the property where their injury occurred. Different rules may apply to child trespasser victims than to adult trespasser victims.

Foreseeability of injury

Another factor that can influence the outcome of a premises liability claim is foreseeability. A property owner may choose not to fix a property condition before allowing others to enter their property if they reasonably believe that the condition is either obvious to visitors or will not be accessed by visitors. If a property owner fails to fix a property defect that will reasonably affect visitors, they may be liable for related injuries.

There are many more considerations that can alter the outcome of premises liability claims and this post should not be used to predict the outcome of a specific case. Help from personal injury attorneys can assist victims as they learn about their rights and options to sue under premises liability law.