The hazards of driving on rural roads

Some people in Missouri might be surprised to learn that rural roads can actually be more dangerous than city roads. This is a common misconception, and the false sense of security it gives can lead to careless behaviors that make them even more hazardous.

These careless behaviors include not wearing a seat belt, drifting into other lanes and speeding. Some people might be more likely to drink and drive, assuming that they do not have to worry as much about police or other drivers.

The dangers associated with this complacency could be compounded by other hazards particular to rural roads. The prevalence of two lanes means passing is more dangerous, and more wildlife means more opportunity for animals to run in front of vehicles and cause accidents. Visibility on rural roads may be worse thanks to a lack of streetlights. Medical help may be delayed in arriving on the scene, leading to worsening injuries or even fatalities.

When people are injured in a motor vehicle accident, they may want to contact an attorney for assistance. Injured people may be owed compensation from the person or entity responsible for the accident. This is usually the other driver, but if the accident was caused by a commercial truck driver or someone else working at the time, the company could be liable as well. Compensation can be critical for people who have suffered serious injuries, but insurance companies may be hesitant to pay the full amount. An attorney may be able to help in obtaining this compensation or in filing a civil lawsuit if necessary. There could also be an offer to settle out of court.