When car crash victims experience delayed pain

Not all car crash injuries are immediately apparent, so those who come away relatively unscathed from a crash in Missouri should wait before doing anything drastic. For instance, the other driver’s auto insurance company may want them to sign a release of liability form. However, this should not be done until the victim has undergone a complete evaluation of their injuries.

Victims should watch out for the following symptoms in the days after the accident. For example, headaches could denote a number of things: a concussion, neck injury, blood clot or whiplash. Whiplash may also lead to neck, back and shoulder pain. These pains are often associated with a herniated disc. A herniated disc can pinch the nerves of the spine, leading to numbness and a tingling sensation.

Then there is abdominal pain, which can be a sign of internal bleeding, especially if combined with headaches, dizziness and a deep bruise in the affected area. This is one injury that requires treatment right away as it can be fatal.

Lastly, there’s the emotional impact that a crash can have. Many victims become depressed or suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder because of the circumstances of the crash or the nature of their injury (as when scars disfigure the face). A brain injury could cause personality changes.

Someone who intends to file a third-party insurance claim after an accident may want the advice and guidance of a personal injury lawyer. They should know that under Missouri’s comparative negligence law, it’s possible to seek compensation even when they are partially at fault. A lawyer may tell them in greater detail how much they might be eligible for and even handle all negotiations for a settlement. If one cannot be agreed upon, the lawyer may recommend taking the case to court.