Drivers can go too slow

As a Missouri driver, you are generally taught to drive slowly as a way of being safe on the road. That is not entirely correct. Driving at a reasonable speed is the safest approach. Going too slowly can also be dangerous for other drivers on the road.

When a driver travels well below the speed limit, it can be every bit as dangerous as speeding. This is even worse when a slow driver is taking up the left lane. This will force drivers to pass on the right, which is dangerous. No matter the reason why someone is driving slowly, changing lanes to avoid a crawling driver introduces the risk of an accident.

When you encounter slow drivers blocking the left lane, keep calm because getting agitated will only raise the risk of an accident. You should flash your lights or tap the horn and be patient before doing anything rash. Sometimes, the driver will get the message and move out of the way themselves after a brief minute. Only pass the driver when it is completely safe to do so, and making any sudden movement to change lanes.

Excessively slow driving is a traffic offense, and it can result in a ticket and a notation on your driving record. Accordingly, do not drive too fast or too slow.

Unreasonably slow driving can be the cause of a car accident the same way that speeding can. When that happens, the driver could be considered negligent and the cause of the accident. If you have been injured in such an accident, you may be eligible for financial compensation. A motor vehicle accident attorney may help you file a claim for compensation and negotiate the settlement or take the case to trial if an agreement cannot be reached.