Infotainment systems can be significant distractions

Those who drive on Missouri roads may be more distracted by their infotainment systems than by texting or driving while impaired. This was the main takeaway of a study conducted by a firm called IAM RoadSmart. The study asked 20 people to use the Apple CarPlay and 20 people to use the Android Auto system while driving in a simulator. While using the simulator, they were asked to perform tasks such as making a phone call or changing a radio station.

The study found that those who used Apple CarPlay took their eyes and attention away from the road whether they used voice or touch controls. Other research has supported the notion that a driver cannot pay attention to both the road and other stimuli in a car. In most cases, even listening to the radio can make it harder to focus on road conditions.

Drivers are encouraged to perform tasks such as configuring a navigation system or finding a radio station before a leaving for their destinations. The study’s authors also recommended that Apple and other companies that develop infotainment systems make them safer. In addition, a rating system could be used to help drivers understand how distracting a particular system may be. This could essentially be used in the same way that crash test ratings are used to determine how safe a car is.

An individual who has been hurt by a distracted driver may receive compensation to pay medical bills and recoup lost wages. A personal injury attorney could help an injured victim prove that another driver’s negligence caused the crash to happen. For example, an attorney may use phone records or toxicology reports as evidence that a driver was distracted or impaired when the accident took place.