How teen drivers can avoid distractions

As the parent of a teen driver, you no doubt worry about his or her safety on the road. You have probably heard about how teens and young adults in Missouri and across the country are especially prone to distracted driving.

In a survey conducted by The Zebra, 38% of respondents aged 18 to 24 admitted to texting while driving. One of the most dangerous activities that a driver can engage in, texting combines the three types of distraction: cognitive, visual and manual.

Avoiding distracted driving

The following are tips for preventing distractions on the road. The first is to make all the proper adjustments before starting to drive, such as adjusting the mirrors and setting up the navigation system.

Second, you should put the phone in the glove compartment or some other place where it cannot tempt you into using it. If you must make a phone call or answer one, it’s best to pull over.

Being a proactive driver

A proactive driver focuses on the road and foresees dangers while a reactive driver may watch the road only out of the corner of his or her eye and swerve away from hazards at the last moment. You definitely want to be proactive. The more passengers you have, the harder it is to concentrate, so consider limiting their number.

Legal representation for accident cases

It often happens that safe drivers are injured through the negligent acts of another. If you were hurt by a distracted driver, then you may pursue a personal injury case against that driver’s auto insurance company. With legal representation, you may be able to withstand the opposition and achieve a fair amount in damages.