The dangers of driving too slowly

When contemplating the issue of speeding violations, most people immediately think of being charged with driving too quickly. While exceeding the speed limit is both unlawful and dangerous, it is not the only speed-related driving offense that can lead to injury or legal consequences. Across Missouri and other states throughout the country, there are also accidents related to driving too slowly


Many situations can cause individuals to drive too slowly. It is common among the elderly due to their decreased reaction times, poorer eyesight and general anxiety related to driving. Similarly, newly licensed drivers are often cited with driving too slowly in an attempt to use an abundance of caution. Finally, individuals driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol are often found driving too slowly in an attempt to skirt attention from law enforcement.


Regardless of the motivation, driving too slowly can result in a moving violation for not maintaining speed in keeping with the flow of traffic. Even worse, driving too slowly can result in an accident that causes an injury or even death.


If someone has been injured by a motorist driving too slowly, they have numerous options related to civil actions. Simply because someone was driving under the speed limit does not indicate innocence or lack of liability for an injury they caused. An experienced personal injury attorney may help a car accident victim understand their rights. Further, an attorney may be able to advise victims of the potential recovery and the likelihood of bringing a successful action. With the help of an attorney, an accident victim may be able to show proof of the other driver’s negligence.