Did your crash lead to a crush injury?

As a resident of Missouri who spends a lot of time on the roads, it’s possible that you may end up getting involved in a crash. Some crashes can lead to crush injuries. This type of injury can occur when you end up pinned between hard surfaces for a certain amount of time, and its impact can be devastating.

Medline Plus takes a look at the different types of crush-related injuries you might face, which can all lead to severe physical health problems. These problems can include lacerations, fractures, internal and external bleeding, and nerve injuries.

The severity of these problems will also differ depending on factors like how long the pressure is maintained and how heavy it is. In some cases, you could find yourself facing permanent damage. For example, nerves that have been crushed could end up severed. This may permanently alter your ability to feel in the affected area. In other cases, the oxygen deprivation caused by blood flow being cut off from extremities can cause cell death. This may result in said extremity needing to be amputated.

The risk of infection is also high. Crush injuries can cause lacerations and fractured bones. It is possible for these to get infected, especially if you end up with open injuries that are exposed to the elements as you wait for medical help to extract you from the crush situation.

Crush injuries, in general, are a painful experience and can lead to many other difficulties. If you have experienced a crush injury due to an accident, consider looking into possible compensation options to cover for the damages you are dealing with.