Prominent attorney suffers fatal personal injury in bike crash

Missourians are encouraged to find ways other than driving to get to and fro. Riding a bicycle is a positive activity as it saves money, helps people stay in shape and is good for the environment. People across the spectrum from students to high-powered business people take part in bicycling recreationally and competitively. While there are positive aspects to it, there are also risks. Riders are notoriously vulnerable to being injured and losing their lives in an accident with a motor vehicle. After this type of accident has happened and there was personal injury and death, those who were impacted should remember they have the right to seek compensation in a legal filing.

A prominent local attorney died when he was hit by a pickup truck while he rode his bicycle in the afternoon at shortly before 5 p.m. The rider, 64, was hit by the truck as they both headed in the same direction. The driver of the truck, 62, remained at the scene and is being cooperative. The man who died was a president and CEO of his firm. He had worked there for nearly four decades. The investigation is ongoing and it is not known if charges will be filed.

Being informed that a loved one suffered personal injury and died in an accident is one of the worst things that can happen to a family. Not only is it unexpected, but it is also frequently unnecessary as another person’s negligence or lack of care caused the crash. Once the realization has set in, there are many factors that must be considered. They include financial and personal aspects. Lost income can be problematic. Even if there was insurance, that is rarely sufficient to cover all that was lost. The emotional aftereffects can also be troublesome as people are unsure of how to move on after such an occurrence. A legal filing is often the only strategy to ensure adequate compensation is recovered.

When there is a bicycle accident, it is important to determine how and why it happened. Even if they take all precautions, riders can face personal injury and death in an accident. To understand the circumstances of the accident and move forward with a lawsuit, a firm that has a firm grasp on all aspects of personal injury and wrongful death cases should be consulted with immediately.