Toddlers can be severely injured in motor vehicle accidents

Anyone can suffer serious injuries and lose their lives in motor vehicle accidents in St. Louis and throughout Missouri. However, the most vulnerable members of society are those who are young and old. Toddlers, children and elderly people can suffer long-term and even fatal damage after an auto crash. To make these incidents worse, some drivers decide that they would prefer to flee the scene rather than remain and face potential consequences. Whether they were scared, worried or were committing an illegal act at the time of the crash is irrelevant. Fleeing can lead to an arrest. Those who were hurt or had an at-risk loved one injured in a crash should consider a lawsuit to help with the investigation and to seek compensation.

A toddler who was a month away from turning two was severely injured when he was hit by a car. The driver of the vehicle that caused the crash subsequently fled. The accident happened in the evening at about 7:30 p.m. The child was out with his grandmother. They were getting into a vehicle when that vehicle was rear-ended, causing the child to fall over and the vehicle to go over him. He suffered crushed bones in his pelvis. The woman who was driving the other vehicle took off. Witnesses gave chase, but could not stop her. The child had surgery as a result of his injuries. Law enforcement is searching for the driver.

All motor vehicle accidents can cause injury and death, but a child’s entire life can be changed after a crash. With the medical expenses, pain and suffering, possible long-term damage and other problems that can arise, it is often a personal and emotional nightmare for the family. If a driver was reckless and fled, it is even worse. While a legal filing will not turn back the clock to prevent the accident from happening, it can help the parents and the child with the costs that will inevitably accrue after an accident. With a hit-and-run, it is also important to have legal help to ensure the investigation continues and reaches a conclusion.

Accident victims have many costs that need to be covered after a crash takes place. Victim’s families should consider its options to seek compensation. A lawyer with experience in motor vehicle accidents can be contacted as soon as possible to take the necessary steps to file a case.