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Property owners should be made accountable for personal injury

When a Missourian is injured on someone else's property, they might not immediately consider that the property owner was somehow responsible for the incident. At the time, they will have greater concerns such as dealing with the injury, how much time they will miss at work and how the personal injury will impact their life in the short and long term. However, once the medical bills begin coming in and the extent of the injury is understood in the context of everyday life, they must think about what steps are available to receive compensation for the accident.

Changes proposed for the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

Missouri debtors who are having trouble making their payments are shielded from various tactics debt collectors and creditors might use to try and collect what they are owed. Various protections include a limit to the number of times that a debt collector and creditors can contact the debtor, the times at which they can make contact, and where they can legally call. Now, with the new proposed rule changes in the form of an update to FDCPA, it will open the door for debtors to receive unlimited text messages, emails and private messages. Those who are confronted with this should think about contacting a legal professional to address their debt before this change is made.

Toddlers can be severely injured in motor vehicle accidents

Anyone can suffer serious injuries and lose their lives in motor vehicle accidents in St. Louis and throughout Missouri. However, the most vulnerable members of society are those who are young and old. Toddlers, children and elderly people can suffer long-term and even fatal damage after an auto crash. To make these incidents worse, some drivers decide that they would prefer to flee the scene rather than remain and face potential consequences. Whether they were scared, worried or were committing an illegal act at the time of the crash is irrelevant. Fleeing can lead to an arrest. Those who were hurt or had an at-risk loved one injured in a crash should consider a lawsuit to help with the investigation and to seek compensation.

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