Motor vehicle accidents involving DOT vehicles on the rise

In Missouri, road workers are in harm’s way strictly by the nature of the work they do. With vehicles driving past – some at significant speeds – motor vehicle accidents can cause injuries and death. While drivers are encouraged to take caution when they encounter Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) vehicles, many ignore the safety of others and the law. The problem has gotten worse as research and records indicate there have been a worrisome number of crashes involving MoDOT vehicles already in 2019. For those who were injured or might have lost a loved one in a motor vehicle crash while working on the road, legal advice is can be beneficial for filing a claim for compensation.

In the St. Louis area, there have been 25 crashes in which a MoDOT vehicle was hit. Included are truck-mounted attenuators whose function is to shield workers from vehicles. According to law enforcement, many of the motor vehicle accidents are because of drivers being distracted. Other issues include poor weather and road conditions. Since MoDOT trucks are slow-moving vehicles and have mounted arrows and lights designed to warn drivers to slow down, it should not be a problem for drivers to take care when encountering these vehicles. Unfortunately, many do not.

Damage to the vehicles is one thing, but injuries to workers is still another. Two workers were hit in recent months. One had been hit in the past and needed surgical procedures because of his injuries. Given their vulnerability, an accident can lead to severe injuries, long-term medical care, massive medical expenses and even death. Since drivers are becoming more reckless with their distractions and time-tested dangers like driving at excessive speed, driving under the influence and other risky behaviors, those stationed on MoDOT duty should be aware of the potential for an accident.

When there are motor vehicle accidents involving MoDOT trucks and drivers who are passing them, it can be a life-changing event as the injured party might not be able to work and will need medical care for an extended period, if not forever. Families who have lost a loved one in these accidents should know what they are facing in the aftermath. A legal filing can be beneficial to being adequately compensated and a law firm experienced in motor vehicle accidents can help with the legalities of the matter.