Icy roads spark motor vehicle accidents, one injuring cop

During the winter, icy roadways are a constant problem throughout Missouri. Motor vehicle accidents are common because of skidding and sliding and it can cause serious injuries and fatalities in St. Louis and across the state. No one is immune to being hurt or killed in these crashes and that includes first responders and law enforcement. Even if the accident is a matter of circumstance, it is important to remember that the aftermath can cause financial and personal hardship and a legal filing is frequently the main strategy to recover adequate compensation.

A police officer who was assisting a driver on the interstate was hit by a second vehicle and thrown over an embankment. The accident occurred in the morning at around 8:30 a.m. A female driver in a silver SUV hit the guardrail on the road. The officer stopped to help. He was, in part, inside the vehicle when a pickup truck skidded and hit the SUV. The officer went down the embankment. At first, the officer was thought to have suffered broken bones or worse, but instead he had bruises and other injuries. He was hospitalized. The driver of the pickup was given a citation for not yielding when there was an emergency vehicle.

Being injured in motor vehicle accidents can have a significant impact on a person’s life in multiple ways. There can be long-term medical problems, issues getting back to work and financial concerns. Whether the injuries are initially viewed as severe or not, the damage can rise over time and be exceedingly problematic for the injured person and his or her family. Insurance companies might want to settle any potential claim to avoid a major payout. People who were injured might accept a settlement before realizing that the offer is woefully inadequate given all they have lost. Having legal advice is key in these instances.

A law enforcement officer was helping a person who had crashed her vehicle when another vehicle hit it and sent the officer over an embankment. He was injured and hospitalized. That driver was cited. As the case moves forward and the officer recovers, he must remember his rights to compensation. A law firm that has a history of helping people who have been involved in motor vehicle accidents should be called immediately for help in filing a case.