Road worker hurt in hit-and-run motor vehicle accident

There is a natural risk for St. Louis road workers. This is especially true when they are working on the highway overnight. While it might be beneficial for drivers not to have to worry about road work snagging their commute during the daytime rush hours, working during the late night and early morning hours places workers at risk of injury from inattentive, reckless and drunk drivers. The combination of factors that accrue in these circumstances can lead to an accident. What will make it worse is if it is a hit-and-run. Those who have been hurt in motor vehicle accidents when working on the road should think about the future and consider a legal filing for compensation if appropriate.

A contractor who was doing road work for the Missouri Department of Transportation was injured when he was hit by a car. The accident occurred at around 1:30 a.m. According to the investigation, the worker was doing guardrail installation when the incident happened. The driver then fled the scene. The worker’s injuries were said to be minor. The investigation into the accident and the search for the driver is ongoing.

Even when there are reportedly minor injuries in an auto-pedestrian accident, that does not mean that other issues will not arise later. When there is a crash, a person might believe that he or she is lucky and got away relatively unscathed, when there will really be lingering injuries that manifest themselves later. Even minor injuries can be problematic with lost wages, the need for treatment and other issues. Should they worsen as time passes, it is important to be protected for every eventuality.

Motorists can strike a road worker at any time of the day or night, causing the worker to suffer injuries. When this happens, it is vital for the worker to make sure that he or she has legal protection for all the potential problems that can arise. A law firm that is experienced with motor vehicle accidents can help assess a case.