Number of pedestrian accidents and personal injury sows concern

Pedestrians in St. Louis and throughout Missouri are in constant danger of being hit by a motor vehicle when they are out. It is not limited to when they cross the street as vehicles can go out of control, head onto the sidewalk and even crash into them when they are in front of their homes. Since pedestrians are unprotected and will bear the full brunt of a crash, there is a major chance of personal injury and death.

Law enforcement agencies are aware of the growing risk of pedestrian accidents and are encouraging people to keep a closer watch on vehicles when they are out and about. After two people were killed in auto-pedestrian accidents within one week, pedestrians are being warned to be more cautious. One accident involved a man who was walking on the road and was hit. He was in his 50s and died. The driver of the vehicle fled the scene.

The police department believes that a significant factor in these accidents is that drivers are operating their vehicles while distracted. Another issue is that drivers are completely unaware of basic rules of the road. For example, drivers who flee the scene might be under the impression that because they hit someone with the vehicle, they will automatically be in trouble. That is true if they were under the influence or distracted, but in some incidents, the accident is just a matter of circumstance and other factors contributed to the crash. Regardless, leaving the scene deprives the victim of help that might be a key factor in saving their life.

In Missouri, there has been an increase in road fatalities with 710 people dying thus far in 2018. With a pedestrian accident, even if the person survives, there can be many problems they must sort out. Auto-pedestrian accident victims may incur medical expenses, lost time at work and they may need help to perform basic tasks. When there is a death, the family left behind will want answers as to how their loved one was hit and killed. This is especially true when it is a hit-and-run. Having legal help with the investigation can be beneficial.