Fatal crash shows motorcyclists’ risk in motor vehicle accidents

The vulnerability of motorcyclists is a known issue in St. Louis and throughout Missouri. With the number of drivers of cars and trucks who do not pay attention to motorcycles, operate their vehicles recklessly, are negligent or are distracted behind the wheel, a motorcycle accident can happen in an instant. With the lack of protection accorded to motorcycle riders, there is a significant chance of injury and death after these kinds of motor vehicle accidents.

A crash between a motorcycle and a minivan led to the deaths of the rider and his passenger. According to the investigation, the man operating the bike, age 25, and his passenger, age 24, were riding east when the minivan turned into the motorcycle’s path. The vehicles collided. The people on the motorcycle were declared dead at the site of the crash. The minivan driver, age 48, was not hurt. The investigation is ongoing.

There are many issues that arise after there is a motorcycle accident. If there are injuries, the biker could have severe injuries with brain trauma, paralysis, lost limbs, broken bones and more. Medical expenses, lost wages and the inability to contribute to a family can be a long-term problem. When there is a fatality, the family will be forced to accept the unexpected death of a loved one due to an incident that is often preventable. Funeral costs, lost income and the emotional impact can all negatively affect a family.

Therefore, after a motorcycle accident caused by a negligent driver, the injured motorcyclist or his or her family in the event of a fatality may want to determine if they can pursue compensation from the at-fault driver. While compensation in a legal filing will not fix everything that was lost after a motorcycle crash, it can help with various costs and be beneficial in moving forward.