Pedestrian hit by SUV suffers personal injury and dies

There is no doubt that pedestrians in Saint Louis and throughout Missouri will be safer when they are crossing the street, if they stay in crosswalks and adhere to traffic signals telling them when to go. Unfortunately, that is not a guarantee that people will be shielded from personal injury and death after being hit by a motor vehicle. Getting hit by a car can cause extensive damage and those who have been hurt and the families who have lost a loved one in an auto-pedestrian crash should think about a legal filing for compensation.

A 66-year-old man crossing the street in the crosswalk was hit by an SUV and killed. The accident occurred in the evening at about 8 p.m. near the Jefferson Barracks Park while an event was taking place. There is not believed to be a link between the accident and the event. According to the law enforcement investigation, the man was in the intersection when struck. He was taken to the hospital where he died. The driver of the SUV, a female, remained at the scene and was cooperative. She had a male passenger. The people in the SUV said they had been to a casino. The incident is being investigated.

Accidents when out on the road can happen without warning. They even happen when people are following all the rules that are generally in place to keep people safe. The dangers of personal injury from an accident are significant and can cause life-changing problems. When a pedestrian is hit by a vehicle, their vulnerability and lack of protection leaves them prone to having broken bones, head trauma, spinal cord damage and more. It can spark a long hospital stay with many procedures and the accompanying medical bills. Getting back to normal can be problematic. For those who have lost a loved one in such a crash, there are other issues to navigate such as moving forward in a personal, emotional and financial way after an unexpected and unnecessary death. A lawsuit is frequently the only way to receive adequate compensation.

In this accident, a man crossing the street was hit by a vehicle and suffered severe injuries before he died at the hospital. The investigation into the accident continues. While it does, his family must make certain their interests are attended to with help from a law firm that is experienced in investigating car crashes and pursuing compensation in a personal injury lawsuit.