Missouri ranks high in fatal motor vehicle accidents

Keeping track of fatal motor vehicle accident statistics happen in each state, and it can be a useful tool to determine why they happen and to craft strategies to reduce their frequency. Even people in states safer states should still be concerned about a crash. For those in our state, it is more worrisome because of where it ranked in a statistical analysis. In the study examining 2016 numbers, the State came in 12th for the deadliest roads.

The number of fatal crashes was far higher in Missouri than the national average. There were 15.5 road deaths for every 100,000 people. There were 945 fatalities on Missouri roads in 2016 — this was 15th highest. As for holidays, the deadliest day was Labor Day with 18. And, rural roads had 58 percent of the total crashes.

In fact, the most common way for people 54 and younger to die is in a car accident. In 2016, the national rate for car accidents fatalities was 11.6. This is the highest number in 10 years.

It is believed that the more rural roads a state has, the greater the likelihood of there being fatal accidents. These roads grant drivers the legal right to drive faster. There are also numerous telephone poles and trees that can contribute.

When there is a fatal accident, the family left behind must think about how they are going to move forward. There will be funeral costs, lost companionship, lost income and lost contributions. If the person did not die on impact, there could be medical bills and other costs associated with the treatment. A lawsuit can be imperative as the legal professional will investigate the crash from the perspective of the victim and provide guidance on how to pursue a claim. Trusting insurance companies is almost always a mistake as their interests are based on keeping costs down. As such, discussing a legal case with a law firm that specialized in motor vehicle accidents can help from the start.