Collateral damage of motor vehicle accidents shown in fatality

When there are motor vehicle accidents in Missouri, it does not necessarily need to be between two vehicles to do damage and even cause a fatality. Collateral damage and a chain reaction can lead to injuries and death. If, for example, a vehicle hits a structure and the structure collapses, unwitting bystanders and people who are just going about their business not particularly close to the initial crash can suddenly be part of the crash and lose their lives. It is in cases such as these that the family members must have experienced legal help to consider their options.

A vehicle that went out of control and crashed into a concrete barrier led to the barrier toppling and falling onto a vehicle below. The driver of that vehicle was crushed and died on impact. According to the investigation, a 22-year-old woman driving a white sedan went out of control and hit the barrier. It happened at around 12:00 p.m. The barrier, weight an estimated 1-ton, fell and hit a Tesla. The female driver died instantly. There was no one else in the vehicle. An SUV that was behind the Tesla ran into its back. That driver pulled over. The investigation is continuing.

After a fatal accident, the family will want answers. This is especially true when the accident is one in which there seems to be a flaw in the city’s infrastructure that led to the death. The emotional devastation of an unexpected death is made worse when it occurs in an incident that clearly should not have happened. Car crashes are inevitable, but a piece of concrete falling when it should have been sturdy and secure is something no family wants to hear as an excuse. Losing a loved one can mean lost companionship, lost contributions and more. A lawsuit is one method to have an advocate on the side of the family who lost a loved one and seek to find out what really happened and why.

A woman was driving under an overpass when a piece of concrete was hit by another vehicle and fell on top of her car, killing her. As the investigation moves forward, her family must make certain they are protected by contacting a law firm that has experience in fatal motor vehicle accidents, even the unusual kind. This is the first step toward receiving sufficient compensation for what they have lost.